My other blogs & plans for the future

It used to be that I’d post just about anything here. However, after a few months of posting circuit design articles, I developed a consistent readership and decided that most of you aren’t interested in my daily life and/or the tech hobbies that I might be up to. As a result, I separated my personally-centered blogs from this blog.
I just wanted to quickly mention that if anyone is interested, I have two other blogs:
Personal Blog
Tech (software/computer) Blog

Also, you’ll notice that Google Ads are prominently displayed on this blog. I wanted to recoup the hosting costs of running this blog. Unfortunately, that didn’t end up being as profitable as I thought. So, as soon as I hit $100 of ad revenue (which is the minimum to cash out of my Google AdSense account), I’ll remove the ads.

Unless I change my mind. Which is unlikely.

Also, I might try out some more social features on the web site. If I get the time. Which is also unlikely.

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