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The Scantron comparison

I sat down to write this blog entry. Just me and my Dixon Ticonderoga #2. First thing I wrote was “Analog is like grayscale.” I immediately erased it. Even the word “grayscale” is too technical for what I want to explain. Remember Scantron? You used to have to bring a #2 pencil to take the […]

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A sign of things to come

I wasn’t too happy about my previous attempt to explain the difference between Analog and Digital. I got lost in a lot of terminology (gadgets, signals, etc). In addition, I ended up approaching the distinction from an implementation perspective (how the devices work) rather than a user perspective (why things are better). So, rather than […]

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What to Expect from Digital TV

There are three main differences you’ll see from digital TV: More Channels All or Nothing Reception Deeper Coverage

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The Binary Number System – Part 2: Binary Weighting

In part 1, I illustrated how our decimal/Arabic number system is based on our ability to count up to nine with a single digit. After that, we add a digit (with a weighting of ten) and then continue to count the first digit from zero to nine again. The best way to explain how computers […]

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The Binary Number System – Part 1: Decimal Notation

I’ve stated in a previous post that the digital revolution is all about measuring signals and representing them in a binary format that can then be processed with digital gadgets. A big part of this processing is the ability to represent anything in a binary format. My definition of binary is a representation which only […]

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Analog vs Digital – Part 4: Comparisons

In part 2 & part 3, I defined analog vs digital signals and gadgets. In this post, I will explain why digital gadgets have over-taken analog gadgets. The electronic industry has been and will forever be reducing cost and adding features. As a result, more complexity is being required of electronic devices while reducing the […]

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Analog vs Digital – Part 3: Digital

In part 2, I defined the analog signal and the analog gadget. In this post, I give a definition for a digital signal/gadget with examples. signal: a digital signal occurs as a sequence of values gadget: a digital gadget processes information sequentially From this definition, very few things that one encounters are intrinsically digital. Nonetheless, […]

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Analog vs Digital – Part 1: Introduction

The last 20 years have greatly improved the feature set and portability of electronics and anything which does or can contain electronics. Nonetheless, most people don’t know what the word digital means. In this multi-part series, I will explain the difference between digital and analog, why digital processing is better than analog, and why some […]

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