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Read CSV files as a Matlab struct array

I like CSV files for their portability (Python, Excel), ease of debug, and lightweight nature (no SQL databases etc). However, one key aspect of CSV files is that they are column-oriented–that is, you have to keep track of which data is in which column. In python, csv.DictReader and csv.DictWriter do this for you–you don’t have […]

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Non-Radix-2 FFT in Cadence/Ocean/Skill/Spectre | Using Cadence IPC to talk to Matlab (or anything else)

Introduction I had been working on a pulse-width-modulation (PWM) design. It was a pseudo-digital implementation, in that the output was clocked by a high-speed clock. The actual switching rate was much lower than this clock. I wanted to simulate this design in Cadence/Spectre by running a transient and then taking an FFT. However, I ran […]

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Slope/Integrating ADC in Matlab Simulink

Response to: ADC in Matlab simulink: The first time I did this I misinterpreted the question, posting a sigma-delta example rather than an integrating (slope) ADC. Anyway, here’s a slope ADC starting point: simulinkslopeadc

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Example Simulink model & scripts for continuous-time sigma-delta ADC

I’ve put together a 2nd order continuous sigma-delta Simulink model as a starting point. This is the multi-port feedback configuration (feeds back into input of 1st and 2nd integrators).

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