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My other blogs & plans for the future

It used to be that I’d post just about anything here. However, after a few months of posting circuit design articles, I developed a consistent readership and decided that most of you aren’t interested in my daily life and/or the tech hobbies that I might be up to. As a result, I separated my personally-centered […]

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CircuitDesign.Info: Site maintenance

Some of you may have noticed that the site was down for a day last week. Expect a bit more down-time: I’m going to do a bit of experimentation to ensure that future down-time doesn’t happen again (improve reliability).

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Dual DAC CTSD | Wider Bandwidth and Higher SNR — Part 1

Introduction Consider our usual continuous-time sigma-delta (CTSD) ADC: x(t) is the analog input and y[n] is the digital output and feedback signal that drives the DAC. H(s) is the loop filter and Q represents the quantizer. One of the main difficulties with continuous-time sigma-delta’s is that when the digital output does not match the analog […]

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Technorati confirmation post (please ignore)

Please ignore this post. has asked me to post this to verify my ownership of this blog:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Technorati Profile

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RSS users: Please re-subscribe

If you are subscribed by e-mail, you need not do anything; I apologize in advance for spamming you. This was the only way to inform people of the RSS feed change. The old RSS feed used to be and has been replaced with a new RSS feed: I’ve been tweaking the site. I […]

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