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Shortcut to plot relative to reference signal

Ocean/skill script follows. Select a net. Press ctrl-g. Now that net is your “reference”. Select a different net (or the same net if you are fond of trivial signals). Press ctrl-r that second net is plotted relative to the reference. This is useful for debugging multiple supply domains, supply/ground bounce, and differential circuits. relVt.il:

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Non-Radix-2 FFT in Cadence/Ocean/Skill/Spectre | Using Cadence IPC to talk to Matlab (or anything else)

Introduction I had been working on a pulse-width-modulation (PWM) design. It was a pseudo-digital implementation, in that the output was clocked by a high-speed clock. The actual switching rate was much lower than this clock. I wanted to simulate this design in Cadence/Spectre by running a transient and then taking an FFT. However, I ran […]

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Calculation of ADC SNR in Cadence Skill/Ocean

However, here’s how I compute SNR/SNDR from an FFT using Cadence Ocean/Skill.

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