Our Brazilian Friends PCS and NGJr have offered the following changes to the CDSVN package:

  • Into the file “cdsLibMgr.lib” was created the menu item “SVN Unlock Cell”
  • Into the file “svnLockCell.il” were created the procedures “svnUnlockCell” and “svnUnlockCellFormCB”
  • Inside the procedures “svnUnlockCellFormCB” and “svnUnlockCVFormCB” were made the following changes:
  • where you have: if( !(rexMatchp(“.*.svn$”, file~>readPath) || rexMatchp(“.*%”, file~>readPath))
  • was changed to: if( !(rexMatchp(“.*.svn$”, file~>readPath) || rexMatchp(” “, file~>readPath))

Behaviors observed:

  • We don´t want the files *.cd% under version control, but if for some reason they are under version control that exist the possibility to lock them or unlock them.
  • Copying a “cell” or a “view” by “Library Manager” doesn´t copy files *.cd% which is not a problem because we don´t want these files under version control.
  • The command “[user@host CDSVN]$ svn lock *” or “[user@host CDSVN/bin]$ lock directory/” locks the files *.cd%, however, the “CDSVN Unlock Cell” or “CDSVN Unlock View” does not unlock.
  • The “CDSVN Lock Cell” or “CDSVN Lock View” does not unlock the files *.cd%, however, the commands “[user@host CDSVN]$ svn unlock *” or “[user@host CDSVN/bin]$ unlock directory/” are able to unlock.
  • Copying by the command “[user@host CDSVN]$ svn copy” copies the files *.cd% only if they are already under version control. The same behavior occurs for “CDSVN Copy Cell” or “CDSVN Copy View”. This is not a problem.
  • The command “[user@host CDSVN]$ svn add”, “CDSVN Add Cell” or “CDSVN Add View” does not add files *.cd% even because this type of file is in the list of ignored files as showed below:

[user@host /home/user/.subversion] vi config
global-ignores = *.cd% *.cd- *.cdslck *.Cat% *.abstract.status *.abstract.messages *.inca* *inca* .cdsvmod expand.cfg% transcript_ms

[user@host CDSVN/]vi cadence_ignores.txt

Their updated files are attached. Special thanks to PCS for coordinating this. Remember, the CDSVN scripts are licensed under GPL.