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Posts that would interest electrical engineers proficient in analog circuit design.


I intend to explain a very powerful concept in data conversion: the Sigma-Delta loop. Before I do so, I will describe quantization noise (which sigma delta loops attempt to alleviate). Quantization noise occurs during the analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) process. Since an analog signal can attain any value, it has infinite precision. This infinite precision excludes […]

Quick Regulator Design – Part 2: Loop Gain

In Part 1, I discussed how the regulated supply reacts to a switching transient, and how the regulator bypass capacitance CR suppresses the transient. In this post, I will discuss how this same bypass capacitance affects  the loop gain characteristics of the regulator. I will then present a procedure to design this regulator quickly, and […]

Getting subversion and Cadence to play nice

I wrote a set of scripts to make Cadence IC tools & Subversion work together. Note: this is not actual Cadence/Subversion integration (which is much more powerful and highly recommended). There were a few problems that I had to solve: Pesky .svn directories The main problem is that Subversion puts .svn housekeeping directories everywhere. When […]