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Updates to Cadence/Subversion (CDSVN) scripts

Our Brazilian Friends PCS and NGJr have offered the following changes to the CDSVN package: Into the file “cdsLibMgr.lib” was created the menu item “SVN Unlock Cell” Into the file “” were created the procedures “svnUnlockCell” and “svnUnlockCellFormCB” Inside the procedures “svnUnlockCellFormCB” and “svnUnlockCVFormCB” were made the following changes: where you have: if( !(rexMatchp(“.*.svn$”, file~>readPath) […]

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Tunable Non-Foster Match Using Switched Capacitor

What’s even cooler about this reactance is that the Non-Foster region is determined by the switching frequency–so, one could move it around just by changing the switching frequency. You’d effectively have a digitally-tunable antenna.

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Median vs Mean

I’ve been doing some statistical measurements lately (more to follow). It occurs to me that while most people measure the mean of a set of measurements, the median is more useful.

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Differential Circuits Follow-Up

Introduction You’ll notice that this post has Matt Miller listed as the author. Poojan requested Matt’s comments on his differential circuit post. Poojan was impressed with my comments enough that he decided to make it a follow-up post. So, this post is co-written by both Poojan and Matt.

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The benefits of differential circuits

Introduction From my personal blog: I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in a team that’s intent on finding the best circuit design for a given application. This doesn’t happen often to many people, but I feel that I’ve had more than my share of this opportunity. The conclusion is usually that we come up […]

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PCB & IC Layout Designer

I generally don’t accept solicitations to post resumes, but I am making an exception for a very talented friend of mine. I know a very good IC designer and PCB designer. My experience with him is as an IC layout designer. However, most of his PCB customers cite him as the best PCB layout designer […]

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Polar vs Cartesian RF Modulator Efficiency

I’ve been fielding quite a few questions lately about polar modulation. Indeed, polar modulators are theoretically more efficient. However, this does not need to be the case. I will highlight (technically, self-promote) a Cartesian scheme that can produce an RF signal as efficiently as a polar modulator—with fewer implementation issues.

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Dual DAC CTSD | Wider Bandwidth and Higher SNR — Part 2

Introduction So, we want to break down our continuous-time sigma-delta feedback into two paths: A low-precision tight loop that delivers the first sample to the quantizer A higher-precision loop that goes through a clock delay to minimize “metastability” (indecision)

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